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El Gusto is the first film of Director Safinez Bousbia, 30, a nomad with a very cosmopolitan background: Safinez was born in Algiers, but has never lived there; she has lived and worked in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and the UAE.

After studying architecture in Oxford, she pursued a Master of Design in Dublin. Then in 2003, during a trip to Algeria, she stumbled upon the world of the masters of Chaabi music. Affected by the fate of these inspiring musicians, she felt the need to share their story on the big screen. This changed her life radically and caused her to enter the world of cinema.

During the adventure of El Gusto, Safinez Bousbia, the producer and director of the documentary, has also been involved in the production of the orchestra’s two albums and remains to this day the band’s manager.

El Gusto was a great adventure for Safinez. The masters of Chaabi have become her family over the past eight years and she now works alongside them helping to bring the El Gusto project to international audiences.

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