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It all started when the director Safinez Bousbia, during a walk in the Casbah of Algiers, wandered into a shop to buy a mirror. The craftsman Mr. Ferkioui in his enthusiasm to tell his story to the young woman completely forgot to sell her the mirror. He invited Safinez to sit and listen, telling her of his glorious past as a conductor and musician.

He showed her photographs of his musician friends who he had lost over 50 years ago. These musicians, both Jewish and Muslim, had attended the first Chaabi music class with him at the Municipal Conservatory of Algiers.
The Director was so moved by Mr. Ferkioui’s story and his deep longing to find his scattered friends and musicians – that she decided to help him find them. In the Conservatory of Algiers she found all of their names listed and begun to track them down – this took almost 9 years to do.

And what should have been a simple, once off reunion concert in 2007 in Marseille, instead became the re-birth of Chaabi music and the founding of the El Gusto orchestra consisting of 42 musicians. Out of this emotional and human adventure came a real life success story: The El Gusto orchestra have since gone on to record two successful albums and toured many prestigious venues around Europe.

El Gusto Festival Screenings

Birds Eye View; UK. April 3rd – 10th April.
Cinemafrica; Sweden. March 13th – March 17th.
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival; USA. January 30th – February 20th.

Washington DC Filmfest; USA. October 26th – November 4th
Sao Paulo International Film Festival; Brazil. October 19th – November 1st
Vancouver International Film Festival; Canada. September 27th – October 12th
Womex World Music Expo; Greece. October 17th – October 21st
Cambridge Film Festival; UK. September 13th – September 23rd.
Osian Cinefan Film Festival; India. July 27th – August 5th.
Munchen International Film Festival; Germany. June 29th – July 7th
Sydney International Film Festival; Australia. June 6th – June 17th
Seattle International Film Festival; USA. May 17th – June 10th
Tribeca International Film Festival; USA. April 18th – April 29th
Dublin International Film Festival; Ireland. February 16th – February 26th.
Glasgow International Film Festival; UK. February 5th – February 15th.
Göteborg International Film Festival; Sweden. January 27th – February 6th.

International Documentary Film Festival; Amsterdam. November 16th – November 27th.
Abu Dhabi, Middle East Film Festival; UAE. October 13th – October 22nd
Busan International Film Festival; Korea. October 6th – Octover 14th


Audience Award (« Arabian Sights » International Film Festival, in Washington D.C 2012)
Award for Best Director (Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2011)
FIPRESCI Award (Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2011)

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